02.12.2015 : TEACHING AGAIN!

I haven\’t mentioned the fact that I am back teaching again this academic year as it isn\’t strictly to do with my own work but it does have an impact on it. I am teaching etching one day a week at Norwich School, where I had taught for ten years before leaving two years ago to concentrate on my own work. Having taught in schools and higher education for twenty-two years altogether, I had thought it was time to see if I could manage a freelance existence but as already written about, a shoulder injury has seriously impeded my output.

So I am grateful to be employed again and to teach etching is a joy not to mention hard work. It has made me think again about the usefulness of this medium for generating ideas and allowing thought processes to develop. Etching can also be very expressive in the wide range of techniques available to the artist ie. soft ground, aquatint, sugar lift, dry point etc. There are many painter/printmakers that I admire; Rembrandt, Goya, Whistler, Hopper (though his etching output was not large), Picasso, Hockney, Jim Dine to mention a few.

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